Frequently asked questions about THE RUSH:

What is the target group of THE RUSH?

  • People who work in the Internet/Multi-media industry or who have worked in this industry sector - people who can comprehend the story or have experienced it in a similar way.

  • Interested people who do not necessarily work in this industry sector but who are curious to know what was happening in these companies of the "New Economy" - "why did I lose so much money with my stocks lately?".

  • People who would like to have an entertaining evening: Powerful and stirring music, an exciting story and a good performance.

What was the motivation for the production?

  • THE RUSH would like to "process" the wild Internet days for Frank Thomsen and his former colleagues and for all the people who were part of that time. And: Frank Thomsen wanted to do something with music and theatre again. The point of time was just right, therefore the musical.

  • Frank Thomsen would like to refinance himself again, maybe launch a new start-up with this project.

How many people participated in the production?

  • Production of the musical:
    Frank Thomsen composed and arranged the complete music, wrote the text book, sang the different voices of the characters and designed the graphics and animations. All the other preparations for the production were done by Frank Thomsen as well.

    Performance of the musical:
    Only Frank Thomsen performs on stage. The operation of the computer equipment (that includes the data projectors as well) by additional experts is not neccessary. Merely the audio should
    be mixed by a skilled person during the show (only the voice of Frank Thomsen needs to be mixed with the sound coming out of the computer).

How was THE RUSH financed?

  • Frank Thomsen financed the complete production himself. He is looking for sponsors and producers to realize bigger performances/productions.

What is the business model?

  • Public performances:
    Organized by Thomsen Entertainment, public performances are open to all interested people.

  • Semi-public performances:
    The musical is booked by companies, conventions, etc. to offer an interesting and entertaining evening to their guests.

    More information soon under the following address:
    Please submit your e-mail inquiries to

What is needed (minimum) for one performance of THE RUSH (tech, stage, auditorium)?

  • Tech:
    • 2 data projectors with a high luminous intensity (min. 1000 ANSI lumens) and a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixel
    • 2 projection screens à 3,60m x 2,70m
      2 consoles/tripods for placing the data projectors

      1 multi-channel audio mixing console
      1 microphone headset, incl. transmitter and receiver
      1 audio power amplifier (depending on the size of the room)
      2 to 4 speakers (depending on the size of the room)

  • Stage:
    • A slightly heightened stage with a minimum width of 7,50m by a minimum depth of 4,50m.

  • Auditorium:
    • The above listed technical installations are scaled for an audience between 100 and 200 people. If THE RUSH is performed in bigger halls, bigger data projectors and a more powerful PA will be needed.